Sponsor FAQ

What is The Purple Run?

It is a 5K road race and a 1K fun run, followed by a Community Health Fair.

Net proceeds benefit the Community Welcome House.

When is The Purple Run to be held?

Saturday, October 8, 2016.

Booth set-up begins at 6:30am.

Event ends at noon.

Where is The Purple Run to be held?

Newnan Utilities Carl Miller Park
94 Sewell Road
Newnan, GA 30263

How much does Sponsorship cost?

Sponsorships begin at only $100, and progress up as your exposure increases.

Click here to see a chart for comparison of the benefits, per sponsorship level.

What if my business needs a copy of the Community Welcome House’s W9?

Just contact us and we will email or fax you a copy.

Will my sponsorship include a booth?

All sponsors will be offered space to set up a booth.

You will need to bring your own tent, table and chairs, and your own displays.

Trash receptacles will be provided.

Can I sell product at my booth?

Yes, but you will be responsible for all transactions and collection of applicable taxes.

Do I need to decorate my booth with a theme?

We encourage everyone to decorate their booths in purple (domestic violence awareness) and dragonflies (new beginnings).

When do I need to set up?

You will have access to the Park starting at 6:30am.

Early set up will allow access to the runners, as well as to the later Health Fair attendees.

Do I leave my booth set up during the Community Health Fair?

Yes. Sponsor booths will continue to be set-up during the Community Health Fair.

This will give access and exposure to the general public, in addition to the earlier runners.

Does this apply, even if my business is not ‘Health’ related?

Yes. We appreciate your support, and want to maximize everyone’s interactions.

And remember- ‘Living Healthy’ has many facets! So you may be able to present your product and services in such a manner as to emphasize their use in a balanced, healthy life.

What if my business is in the ‘Health’ field?

You still are a sponsor, and would start your set-up at 6:30am.

Can we offer ‘basic health screenings/tests’ to the public?

Yes, please do. It would be great if you could offer free screenings (BP, BMI, vision, etc) and provide information on ‘Living Healthy’. Plus, you are welcome to charge for testing/shots, if your business and insurance allows for such.

Why is the Health Fair only advertised as being from 9am-12pm?

Since some of the access roads to the Park will be temporarily shut down during the (8am) 5K road race, we thought it better to bring in the general public once the roads were clear.

When do I plan on taking down my booth?

The Event lasts until noon.

We need to have everything cleaned up from the pavilions by 12:30pm.

How do I pay?

We recommend paying by check.

Make checks payable to: Community Welcome House.

We are also working to accept online credit card payments.

How do I sign up to be a sponsor?

Just fill out the Sponsorship form.

Then call or email Event Organizer Sharon Rogers to arrange for pickup of your payment.

Sharon Rogers (Newnan GNC)
770.328.9459 (c)

We would also like to take your picture to post it on The Purple Run event pages.

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